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The All-New recording by Niklas Walentin of the two sonatas for violin and piano and two solo pieces from Carl Nielsen, has just been released after a major concert in Carnegie Hall. It has furthermore

just been announced "CD of the Week" by National Danish Radio.




The CD is for sale at 

 DKK 100 / Euro 13

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" Many musicians have, among all the great composers in the world, one they are especially fun of, and maybe also, a composer that they are especially productive with. To me, Carl Nielsen is that composer" says Niklas Walentin. He continues " I can always find new things in his music, and I feel very connected to his works whenever I am performing them. That is why this new recording is, one of the most important works I have done so far.

                                                  -Niklas Walentin


The program from the release concert in Carnegiel Hall, June 4th.

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