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When Niklas Walentin started recording the collected Op. 27 by Eugéne Ysaÿe in 2019, it was with a strong wish to underline the special occasion of including the Sonate Posthume Op. 27 Bis (also know as the unfinished sonata

found in the Lavergne Sketchbook.

It was for this occasion, that Niklas Walentin was introduced to tailor Maximillian Mogg, whose style is based on the period in which Eugéne Ysaÿe composed his sonatas, the 1920's.

Maximillian Mogg, who creates his collection from drawings by hand, created first a sketch seen on the cover of Niklas Walentin's album, which further more act as the basis for the bespoke Dinner Jacket, in which Niklas Walentin performs. 

Since 2020, Maximillian Mogg has been the official tailor for Niklas Walentin.


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