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Johannes B:
Works for violin and viola

Three albums containing the key works by the monumental romantic artist and composer Johannes Brahms, Niklas Walentin records first three Sonatas for violin and piano Op. 78, Op. 100 & Op. 108, then Op. 102 No. 1 & No. 2 for viola and Piano, concluding with the concerto for violin and orchestra Op. 77 and double concerto Op. 102.

Recorded for Naxos, first release Autumn 2024. 
Complete release 2027

(Album cover yet not present)

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Vitruvi & friends:
Brahms & Schubert

Recorded at the famous Teldex Studio in Berlin, Germany, the new album by Trio Vitruvi features two masterpieces from the chamber music repertoire: Brahms Piano Quartet No. 3 and Schubert "Trout" quintet.

Trio Vitruvi is joined by the two international star musicians and soloists, violist Hartmut Rohde and double bassist Nabil Shehata.

Release with Orchid Classic, Autumn 2024.

(Album cover yet not present)


Another June Night -
a tribute to Svend Asmussen

Niklas Walentin's debut album with Jazz, "Another June Night", is being released with Orchid Classics in August 2024.

Recorded together with The Snorre Kirk Trio it contains virtuoso material by famous jazz violinist Svend Asmussen.

Release with Orchid Classics, Summer 2024.

(Album cover yet not present)


a collection of Pocket Concertos


Depicting how the sound of greater Scandinavia has changed because of pandemics, political instability and climate changes, Niklas Walentin and The Danish Chamber Players has commissioned 7 new concertos written in 'pocket format'.

Composers are Poul Ruders, Andrea Tarrodi, Arnannguaq Gerstrøm, Aksel Kolstad, Joel Järventausta, Veronika Varga & Sundleif Rasmussen.

Recorded for Naxos, release 2025.

(Album cover yet not present)


Lou Harrison
Violin Concerto

An unusual piece that pushes the violin to new limits is this unique violinconcerto with percussion orchestra.

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Eugéne Ysaÿe:
Complete Op. 27 &
"unfinished sonata" 

Recorded together with Prof Hatto Beyerle of the Alban Berg Quartet and producer of Nikolaus Harnoncourt and many other great artist Prof Michael Brammann, this the critically acclaimed album is a result of a life long dream of Niklas Walentin.



Niklas Walentin plays with his colleagues Alexander McKenzie and Jacob la Cour the great masterworks by Schubert, and has recorded the grand Op. 100 in its rare original and longer edition.

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Walentin & McKenzie
Around the World

A musical journey around a world that is not more, this vintage travel with great pearls from the salon repertoire is available both on LP and CD

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Carl Nielsen
4 Grand Works

Released in Carnegie Hall and annoucned
"Album of the week" by National Danish Radio, this critical acclaimed album containing the four grand works by Carl Nielsen was released in celebration of the composer's 150th anniversary.


Niklas Walentin Solo

Niklas Walentin's debut album recorded after his participation in The 9th International Carl Nielsen Competition.

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